Tales of Portugal- Obidos

I can’t tell you about our few hours at Obidos without telling you about what happened that morning. Picture the scene. We decided to go to the coast for the day. After driving for an hour or two we arrived at our destination. We parked up and were determined to enjoy the day even though it was overcast and a bit cold. The town was quiet and we decided to first take a walk on the beach to admire the crashing waves. We walked up to the water and stood for a few minutes admiring the size of the waves and washing them crash against the shore, a safe distance from where we were stood. Gazing around I decided to do a bit of filming and as my phone camera focused on the waves, suddenly they were rushing closer and closer. We ran but not fast enough and suddenly we were knee deep in freezing water. Collapsing with laughter we squelched our way back up the beach. With no towels or a change of clothes (we hadn’t planned to go in the sea!) we debated what to do. We decided to search for a supermarket to find towels and instead ended up in Obidos! And I am so pleased we did as it is the most beautiful of places. Even if you do have wet feet.

wet feet Portgal.jpg

We didn’t really know much about Obidos before our arrival but with me being the history lover I am, we knew it was a place worth a visit. Obidos is an absolutely stunning walled town that perched high, gazing out over the surrounding locality. I love the story of Queen Isabel de Aragon who, when remarking on its beauty in the 13th century, was given it as a gift by her husband the King. Apparently since then it has continued to be given by princes to their brides!

Porta da Vila Obidos Portugal.jpg
Porta da Vila

 After entering through the impressive Porta da Vila, the main gate to Obidos, our first task was to explore the narrow cobbled streets. We admired the houses and the shops filled with local craft and delicacies. We may have partaken of a few baked goods (I got some of the most incredible iced gems which I demolished before thinking to take a photo!).

cobbled streets Obidos Portugal

We headed towards the castle, now a hotel, and found our way (ok, clambered) onto the town walls. We discovered you can actually walk the whole distance of the walls and, with our feet being slightly drier than before, we set off. Walking the castle walls was truly a wonderful way to see the town and gaze out into the surrounding area. I don’t think words can accurately describe the beauty of this town and so I hope these pictures will give you some idea of how picturesque it is.

Obidos Portugaltown wall Obidos Portugal

view Obidos Portugal

 The Mr and I both agreed that Obidos is one of those places that wherever you look there is a photo opportunity. In the time we had we didn’t get to explore as much as we wanted so it is definitely on our list for a return visit one day. I can’t wait to return to the beautiful streets and the wonderful sense of history at every turn.


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