Welcome to the Cabinet of Curiosities

Botanical Gardens

Hello and welcome to my Cabinet of Curiosities. Ever since I can remember I have loved finding things out. A snippet of a conversation or a news report would have me scurrying for books, websites…anything that could give me more information. As my curiosity grew so did my bookshelves and over the years I have accumulated a wide range of books on a wide range of subjects. I also love exploring new places and can often be found scribbling notes and musings in my journal which is always by my side. I am a primary school teacher (indulging in my love of finding things out and sharing with people, in my case a lovely bunch of kids who have a thirst for knowledge too!) and you can see my teaching musings at the Daylight Explorers blog. The Daylight Explorers has a more child centred theme as I aim to help inspire and get children to get out exploring nature, art, museums…well the world!

However the Daylight Explorers didn’t quite give me the space I wanted to share all those other things I discover and the places I have been and so I have opened up my Cabinet of Curiosities for you to view, a place to share interesting things I have read about and places I have been. So welcome! Please pull up a chair (but mind that stack of books right by your feet) and join me in exploring this wonderful world we live in!


Edited to add- this post was originally posted under the ownership of my Daylight Explorers post but I felt the need to separate it out under my personal twitter. So if you follow me on the DE Twitter you may have seen this before, sorry!

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